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A globally known manufacturer of high-quality welding electrodes, suited for all types of arc welding..

About Us

APS Advert International Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2013 is today India’s fastest growing producer of international quality welding electrodes and consumables. We take a pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading customer oriented organization dealing in all kind of Welding Electrodes, TIG Wires and Welding consumables. Our organization has been Instrumental in developing par-excellent products and with constant focus on market we apply proven blend of business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to en-cash relevant opportunities.

Our electrodes are manufactured on most modern technologies under strict quality control, confirming to applicable specifications laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards, American Society, and British Standard, DIN and JIS standard. Our R & D center is well equipped with latest equipments for carrying out all mandatory tests. Our organization is dedicated to supply products, services and solutions that meet and exceed the need of our clients and customers.

We offer you the entire range of Stainless Steel, Mild steel, Hard facing and Low heat input electrodes as per your need and specification.

Classification Of Welding Electrodes

Mostly the electrodes have two major categories: consumable and non-consumable named as per their usage in the process. Consumable Electrodes are used in case of metal arc welding and metal gas welding whereas the non-consumable electrodes are used in TIG weldings. As per the international welding society, these electrodes have a code on them which are given as per their properties like E6013, E3018, E6012. Here the first letter E stands for electrodes and two upcoming letters define the tensile strength. The next one digit which is either 1 or 2 defines their using direction. Having 1 can use at any angle but 2 is used either in horizontal or vertical direction. The last two digit stands for the coating type.

Example: EABCD:

E Electrode
AB Tensile strength is AB x 1000 pounds per meter square
C  Angle of use
D Coating type

Quality Standard

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we mainly focus on the quality of the offered electrodes and are making continuous improvement in them. We design and manufacture the offered range as per the standard size decided by BIS that make sure their safe and reliable use. Apart from this, we have implemented ISO norms for each process of production such as designing, cutting, coating, storage etc. Our professionals check each batch of finished items to ensure their strength, finish, coating and packaging.

Our Infrastructure

We have spent a large part of our capital in the establishment of our production house. Having the latest cutting and coating equipment, the whole unit is segmented in several departments as per their work like manufacturing, designing, marketing etc. Our professionals keep machinery and technology updated to prevent any type of interruption in production.

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